Documenting Your Travels with Detachable Motorcycle Helmet-Mounted Cameras

If you have a webcast or even a YouTube channel, then you know the value of documenting your travels. One of the most remarkable achievements to-date is the live streaming of videos of 2 mountaineers as they scaled the face of Mt. Everest in April and May. Now, you don’t have to climb the same mountain but the fact remains, travel documentaries are a big hit especially if you are going to take your viewers on a first-person experience. That is why mounting high definition cameras on custom motorcycle helmets is one good way to bring the action right to your viewers.

Serious travel documentary photographers and videographers invest in high-tech equipment to really provide a great product at the end of the endeavor. However, you don’t have to shell out extra for any specialty headgear for mounting your digital camera. If you have a motorcycle helmet then you can have it customized to allow you to mount a variety of cameras. You can even do it yourself if you have the correct set of tools. Technically this should not be a problem since these can be bought from your friendly neighborhood hardware store. You can even ask companies that manufacture motorcycle helmets if they fabricate attachments to their helmets.


But why a motorcycle helmet, you might ask. Documenting your travels on a head-mounted camera is different from a handheld video capture and recording system. Handheld systems will require you to focus on the LCD screen or the optical viewfinder of your camera to check the scene. This way, you are able to frame those scenes the way you want them to be framed. This is especially useful if you want to really capture the scene so that your viewers will also relish the beauty of the view. This is why it is quite advisable to have a detachable motorcycle helmet-mounted camera so you can instantly detach it from its mount and use it as a handheld.

Now, when attached to custom motorcycle helmets, these cameras bring your viewers to the ride of their lives. It is perfect for creating an illusion of movement and action whereby viewers can literally sense the way you move through your documentary filming. Controlling the video system requires you to simply turn your head in the direction where you want the video camera to focus. If you have seen the helmet of an Apache attack helicopter pilot where his forward-facing gun can be controlled just by moving his head and helmet around, then the principle is basically the same.

One added benefit of using a motorcycle helmet as a base for mounting a video camera is that it provides ample protection. Travel documentaries can be wrought with risks as there simply no way you can predict what will happen. The strong and durable construction of motorcycle helmets can protect the head from concussion and contusions which can render you unconscious. In documenting your travels, the last you need is losing consciousness.

A motorcycle helmet can have plenty of uses. Mounting a camera for documenting your travels is one excellent use.

Kelly Hernandez